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Why Is CBD Education Important in the Community?

CBD Education

CBD Education is a topic that many people are unfamiliar with. Most people have at least heard about CBD at this point. It’s difficult to avoid having signage and advertisements in many locations. However, just because they’ve heard of CBD doesn’t imply they actually understand it or have ever received proper CBD training. The truth […]

CBD Gummies to Get You Through the Day

CBD gummies

Our CBD gummies will help you reach your desired result without the “high” or sleepy sensation associated with many other edibles now on the market. They’re manufactured with a water-based gum base that melts in your mouth and contains isomalt, a caramel substitute. These delectable sweets contain a broad spectrum cannabis extract derived from Colorado […]

Top 5 Frequently Asked Budtender Questions


Many medicinal cannabis patients’ first point of contact is with a budtender. The vast majority of clients are likely to be first-time patients as well as first-time cannabis users. As additional states legalize recreational cannabis, these figures are only going to rise. This is why it’s critical for budtenders to be both knowledgeable and excellent […]